Friday, April 24, 2009


So a whole lot has been going on in the last week.

First off I'm so excited about who has come on as our Producer on my brother and I's next two personal feature films. Robert Blanche has been one of my very best friends ever since I first worked with him in 2003. He's been there through the good, the bad, and the ugly. He is the only person that I can imagine doing the job that needs to be done on these next two movies. The upcoming Polluted Picture films are not only our most ambitious to date... but also our most mainstream fair. These films will push the envelope for what can be accomplished in our small film community for a modest budget.

Next I'm very excited that the final piece of our camera equipment came in today. The above picture is of the camera as it stands now. Very cool. My brother and I will be shooting a "test scene" in the upcoming weeks. I'll be sure to upload this as soon as it is all finished.

Now... on to "My Soul To Take." We are currently looking for locations including a run down trailer house. If anyone knows of one... let me know! :) Harold Phillips has signed on as the lead in the film and the shooting will take place the middle of May. We are shooting 4 scenes for investors... very fun shoot with great people. Couldn't ask for anything better.

That's all for now. I've got a whole lot more fun stuff in the works but want to make sure it's all ironed out before I lay it on the table. :)

Very proud of all of my friends that are getting jobs on all of the local television and feature length films. Keep it up!

Until next time...

Monday, April 20, 2009

1st Official Blog!

So there is a lot going on in my world so I needed a good way to communicate it all to anyone that cares. Here it is... a lowdown of what is happening in my world in '09 and '10.

1st Project: I have been hired to write/direct/produce a film currently entitled "Miracle on Ninth Ave." It is the story of Leon Zend, an eccentric Polish immigrant, who lived an amazing life in Denver, Colorado. I've been doing research and writing the script for 3 months now. It is going to be a really fun project and am glad to have Danny Bruno on board playing the lead role. We begin casting next month and shoot in July. This movie will be completed by the end of September.

2nd Project: Next month my brother and I will be producing/directing 3 scenes from an adapted screenplay of one of my father's books, starring Harold Phillips. It is entitled "My Soul to Take" and is about:

"a pastor and his family beginning to make a Northwest town their home, and a series of sinister events that suggests that it might not be as idyllic as they had first imagined.

Secret rituals at midnight, strange spiritual obsessions, and personal threats toward anyone who would dare to confront an age-old evil.

He quickly realizes that he must not only prepare his new congregation to face the assault, but also fortify his own as the evil seeks to invade and shake their home to its very foundation."

We are shooting these scenes for potential investors to not only see the quality of the product but to get an overall tone of the feature length film. This will be a part of an investor package and sent around the country to already interested parties.

3rd Project: I am currently writing my next PERSONAL feature film that is currently "untitled." We are planning on shooting this the first quarter of '10. Details will be coming soon about this project. All I can say is BE EXCITED!

4th Project: My brother is in the process of writing his next PERSONAL feature film that is currently "untitled." We are planning on shooting this the first quarter of '10 as well. All I can say is... this mother is bad to the bone... I'll keep you posted on project as well. Needless to say... he's the talented brother so watch out!

So that is it... that is all. I'll update this blog as soon as information deems necessary... which will most likely be soon.

Thanks for your interest and we'll be talking again soon!