Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Equipment list.

So we just got done compiling an equipment list for insurance purposes and here's the official list of what Pollluted Pictures has got to work with.

Sony PMW-EX1 HD Camcorder
4 8 Gig SxS cards. (30 minutes of 1080p per card)
Letus Elite DOF adapter.
85mm Prime Zeiss Lens
50mm Prime Zeiss Lens
35mm Prime Zeiss Lens
28mm Prime Zeiss Lens
20mm Prime Nikon Lens
Redrock MicroMattebox
Redrock Follow Focus
7 inch HD LCD Monitor
Eagle Systems dolly.
Travato 10 ft. jib arm. (Attaches to Dolly.)
2 Lowell Pro DP Kits.

On Set 17 inch Apple MacBook Pro running FCS 2 and Adobe CS3 Production Suite.
eSATA Hard Drive adapter for on set editing.
2 1 Gig eSATA Hard Drives for on set editing.

2 8-core Mac Pro editing stations running Final Cut Studio 2 and Adobe CS3 Production Suite.
Each system is running 10 Gigs of RAM.
Matrox MXO breakout box for HD monitoring.
Apple 30 inch displays and 23' inch displays for monitoring.

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