Monday, May 11, 2009

My Soul to Take AND American Disciples.

So a lot has been going on lately. Here's my attempt at a catching everyone up.

First off I'm getting really excited to shoot the 5 scenes of My Soul To Take starting this Thursday night the 14th. We had a great table read on Saturday and I'm just so thankful for everyone who is helping us realize this movie. Great talent... awesome people. We shoot the diner scene Thursday with Harold and Benedict. Then we shoot a couple of freaky scenes Friday night with Harold, Audrey, Cheyenne, and Elijah. These are the "getting to know the family" scenes... as well as the family in peril scenes. FUN. Then Saturday night we shoot the "burial" scene. This scene is with Harold, Benedict, and Elijah. Needless to say... this is gonna be the fun late night shoot. Can you say dry ice fog machine anyone? Then we shoot the creepy trailer scene on Sunday with Harold, Marilyn, and Abigail. This one is my personal favorite... my brother wrote a hell of a scene. Very excited.

We also just got into a pretty awesome 23" HD monitoring solution that I'm very excited about as well as a very cool director's viewfinder. Getting all of my other equipment back in one place this week. Dolly and jib arm should be back in order by the shoot on Friday as well as all of the lighting equipment etc.

Next, my brother and I have been hired on to co-photograph the upcoming feature film "American Disciples" written and directed by Anthony Pierce. My brother and I meet the crew on Wednesday and couldn't be more optimistic and excited. They have put together quite a cast for this mother.

Kristina Klebe ... Lucille

David Fine ... Bonkers

Michelle Page ... Lacy

Jeffrey Weissman ... Doctor

Robert Blanche ... Liam Mahony

George Katt ... Joe Mahony

Larry Laverty ... Uncle Jack
Joshua Anderson ... Benny Mahony

Geno Romo ... The Hustla

Matt Dotson ... Dick Mahony
Justin Isaiah Ezell Hall ... Clay

... and that's just to name a few! I'll know so much more by Wednesday... and then the heavy lifting starts bright and early Monday the 18th! Shoot begins May 20th and then I'll have some CRAZY updates. :)

That's it for now... I'll be in touch soon!

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