Friday, May 15, 2009

My Soul To Take Stills!

So here are the first frame grabs. Enjoy! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Soul to Take AND American Disciples.

So a lot has been going on lately. Here's my attempt at a catching everyone up.

First off I'm getting really excited to shoot the 5 scenes of My Soul To Take starting this Thursday night the 14th. We had a great table read on Saturday and I'm just so thankful for everyone who is helping us realize this movie. Great talent... awesome people. We shoot the diner scene Thursday with Harold and Benedict. Then we shoot a couple of freaky scenes Friday night with Harold, Audrey, Cheyenne, and Elijah. These are the "getting to know the family" scenes... as well as the family in peril scenes. FUN. Then Saturday night we shoot the "burial" scene. This scene is with Harold, Benedict, and Elijah. Needless to say... this is gonna be the fun late night shoot. Can you say dry ice fog machine anyone? Then we shoot the creepy trailer scene on Sunday with Harold, Marilyn, and Abigail. This one is my personal favorite... my brother wrote a hell of a scene. Very excited.

We also just got into a pretty awesome 23" HD monitoring solution that I'm very excited about as well as a very cool director's viewfinder. Getting all of my other equipment back in one place this week. Dolly and jib arm should be back in order by the shoot on Friday as well as all of the lighting equipment etc.

Next, my brother and I have been hired on to co-photograph the upcoming feature film "American Disciples" written and directed by Anthony Pierce. My brother and I meet the crew on Wednesday and couldn't be more optimistic and excited. They have put together quite a cast for this mother.

Kristina Klebe ... Lucille

David Fine ... Bonkers

Michelle Page ... Lacy

Jeffrey Weissman ... Doctor

Robert Blanche ... Liam Mahony

George Katt ... Joe Mahony

Larry Laverty ... Uncle Jack
Joshua Anderson ... Benny Mahony

Geno Romo ... The Hustla

Matt Dotson ... Dick Mahony
Justin Isaiah Ezell Hall ... Clay

... and that's just to name a few! I'll know so much more by Wednesday... and then the heavy lifting starts bright and early Monday the 18th! Shoot begins May 20th and then I'll have some CRAZY updates. :)

That's it for now... I'll be in touch soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Equipment list.

So we just got done compiling an equipment list for insurance purposes and here's the official list of what Pollluted Pictures has got to work with.

Sony PMW-EX1 HD Camcorder
4 8 Gig SxS cards. (30 minutes of 1080p per card)
Letus Elite DOF adapter.
85mm Prime Zeiss Lens
50mm Prime Zeiss Lens
35mm Prime Zeiss Lens
28mm Prime Zeiss Lens
20mm Prime Nikon Lens
Redrock MicroMattebox
Redrock Follow Focus
7 inch HD LCD Monitor
Eagle Systems dolly.
Travato 10 ft. jib arm. (Attaches to Dolly.)
2 Lowell Pro DP Kits.

On Set 17 inch Apple MacBook Pro running FCS 2 and Adobe CS3 Production Suite.
eSATA Hard Drive adapter for on set editing.
2 1 Gig eSATA Hard Drives for on set editing.

2 8-core Mac Pro editing stations running Final Cut Studio 2 and Adobe CS3 Production Suite.
Each system is running 10 Gigs of RAM.
Matrox MXO breakout box for HD monitoring.
Apple 30 inch displays and 23' inch displays for monitoring.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So here is the status/situation of my upcoming films:

My Soul To Take: Shooting 5 scenes with my brother and I Co-Directing and Co-Producing. We are shooting these scenes for financing with the hope of shooting the feature this fall. It is based on our father's book of the same name. The scenes star Harold Phillips, Audrey Walker, Benedict Herrman, Marilyn Faith Hickey, Elijah Nelson, Abigail Van Dyke, and Cheyenne Canfield. They will be shot May 14-17 and will be completed by the end of the month.

Miracle on Ninth Ave.: This is a film that I was hired to write, direct, and produce. It is the story of an eccentric Polish immigrant and his amazing battle with cancer. It has not been completely cast yet but it stars Danny Bruno as Leon Zend and Robert Blanche as Mark Ziemer. Final casting will take place in June and shooting will take place the end of July through early August. Completed in November.

Silent Partners: This is my next personal project. It is an original screenplay based on a story that I had 5 years ago. I am truly very excited about this film. It is unlike anything I have ever done before and am ready to knock it out of the park. It's about that time. This film has not been cast but is being Co-Produced by my brother Jason, myself, and Robert Blanche. Written and Directed by ME. We begin co-financing for this and my brother's next feature in November.

Jason Freeman's "Untitled" project: My brother is currently writing his next feature and even though it does have a title... I'm gonna let him unvail it when the time is right. :) This will also be a Co-Production of myself, Jason, and Robert Blanche. JASON will be directing as well as being the sole writer. Co-financing will also begin the same time as Silent Partners in November. Both this and Silent Partners will be shot back to back in February '10.

Prepare to be surprised. :)